About Galileo

Galileo Biotech is a company with extensive experience in the development and production of premium molecular and immunochemical inputs for the research, development and in-vitro diagnostic markets. The company also provides a wide range of specialized services in these areas, thus being able to absorb the operational demands of its clients.

Consequently, Galileo serves a wide range of clients of various sizes, from universities and research institutes, to laboratories from the health (clinical analyses), agriculture, veterinary and food safety industries.

Galileo’s headquarters, including its own private laboratory and production structure, both counting with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, is located in the prestigious Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, within the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The company is staffed with employees with PhD degrees and postdoctoral training in the R&D sector, and its executives have extensive domestic and international experience in the research and diagnostic markets. In addition to its highly skilled staff, Galileo invests in partnerships and collaborations with world-renowned leaders of the most prestigious academic institutions.

The combination of the talents attracted by the company, unique expertise in its areas of activity, and constant innovation and investment, allow Galileo Biotech to develop high added value products for the basic research, development, human health, agricultural, veterinary and food safety segments. In addition, these features allow Galileo to offer its clients an array of products that are customized to their needs.

The rapid growth of Galileo Biotech in a multitude of markets indicates that in the near future it will be well positioned to become one of the leaders in the diagnostic field of both Brazilian and Latin American markets.